USM IEEE Student Branch won Gold in Darrel Chong Student Activity Award. The award serves to recognize activities orchestrated by IEEE bodies around the world that bring much impact to society.

We have been awarded for the success in one of our flagship events, namely Tech Mentors Education Project. Tech Mentors is a volunteering program carried out by the undergraduate students of USM based on the mission to inspire the young generation through designing creative innovations with embedded systems. It focuses on practical learning which involves hands-on and group discussion where students learn how to construct an embedded system by applying what they learn during the training on necessary software. The facilitators called Tech Mentors will obtain training from industries (provided by Dreamcatcher) to guide participating secondary school students. They are guided to build their own embedded system projects using soldering skills, circuit design and C++ programming. Several Tech mentors will be responsible to facilitate the participating teams in terms of teaching, technical support and to prepare the team for the grand challenge called the Young Innovate Malaysia Competition.