Fundraising for Free Workshops 2018

We are all told to do good deeds and to help one another in need. In saying so, this can also be rephrased as helping the less privileged and that is exactly what USM IEEE Student Branch did. The members of the club conducted free workshops for the orphans in Rumah Jagaan Harapan Al-Mahabbah, Rumah Nur Kasih Ulu Sepetang as well as the Shan’s Children Home.

Our objective was to provide motivation, encouragement and support for youths who would like to explore more into the world of science. This workshop was also to inspire and guide youths to acquire self-learning and critical thinking skills. This programme launched off with collecting donations from students and as well as the staff of the university. This was carried out to purchase the items required for the workshop. This event was also supported by a few charitable sponsors like ViTrox Corporation Berhad and Cytron Technologies Sdn. Bhd.

The event kick started on the 28th of April at Rumah Jagaan Harapan Al-Mahabbah. The event started at 9 a.m. with an electronic workshop. The children were taught to connect circuits in series and parallel. They were provided with jumpers, breadboard, resistors and LEDs. The children were very excited when their LED bulbs lighted up.

The science workshop came next after the electronic workshop. Activities such as Hologram, Anti-Gravity Water and experiment on the refraction of light were conducted on that day. To keep the children excited, small gifts were given to them if they answered the question about the experiments correctly. They were very enthusiastic to answer the question as the gifts that were offered became a motivating source. The event ended successfully with a demonstration of Fire-on-Hand experiment and the children were astonished with the uniqueness of the experiment. All these activities were carried with just as much of liveliness at Rumah Nur Kasih Ulu Sepetang and Shan’s Children’s Homes on the first and fifth of May. Before leaving, members of IEEE together with the children had hearty lunch.

Left: 28th April 2018 at Rumah Jagaan Harapan Al-Mahabbah; Middle: 1st May 2018 at Shan’s Children Home; Right: 5th May 2018 at Rumah Nur Kasih

All in all the day turned out better than we expected with everyone working together in perfect harmony. Teamwork being the key ingredient had made the event a very successful and memorable day indeed. As the saying goes honey is not made by a bee but a colony.

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