Penang International Science Fair (PISF)

A voluntary event is not something that most members of IEEE USM Student Branch have a chance to take part in, since IEEE focuses in attracting its members to participate in dynamic projects for competitions or organising academic workshops both inside and outside campus. Therefore, members of IEEE USM Student Branch WIE Affinity Group did not hesitate to volunteer themselves to help out at the Penang International Science Fair, which was a rare opportunity as the event was only held once a year.

Volunteers from Women in Engineering (WIE)

Penang International Science Fair (PISF) was an event organised to fulfil part of Penang Science Cluster’s mission, which was to develop young minds and expose adolescents to science and engineering through a simulating and innovative experience. Held on the 11th and 12th November 2017 at SPICE Arena, Penang, the event not only allowed participants and volunteers alike to communicate with visionary leaders of various industrial field, but also instil interest in science and technology within students through exhibitions and showcases of scientific projects.

Departing from USM Engineering Campus at 6.45am, the volunteers for the event faced a minor setback during the journey where they were late due to unexpected heavy traffic. Nevertheless, they managed to arrive in time for the briefing which began at 7.45am. The volunteers were tasked to manage the children and to assist with the workshops held throughout the event. The event had proven to be beneficial to the members who volunteered, as they had received more than they had given, such as cross-networking with successful industrial leaders and obtain knowledge regarding the latest science tech and expertise in various fields of technology offered by many different companies.

Volunteers from USM IEEE

Overall, PISF is a signature event with two objectives in mind – one is to exhibit scientific activities and projects conducted by the pillar leaders of Penang Science Cluster throughout the year 2017, and second is to expose young students from Penang to their latest technological products and offer them chances to approach hands-on project and fieldwork. Although the target audience of the event were young students from different schools in Penang, the helpers also gained just as much as them.

The programme ran for a total of 10 hours and 30 minutes on both days. It was deemed a success and the members who volunteered were glad that they were able to help out at such an auspicious and knowledgeable event. Every year the science and technology industry in Penang grows bigger and bigger, and events like this offer everyone a chance to connect with the industrial leaders as this cannot be done if students were to remain cooped up behind their desks. We look forward to the next PISF, and we hope that more members will volunteer to gain the benefits just as the volunteers did.

Group photo of Volunteers