IMESS 2017

IEEE International Microwave, Electron Devices, Solid-State Circuit Symposium, or simply known as IMESS 2017 was an event organised to provide forums for technical presentations for the benefits of the community. IEEE USM Student Branch WIE Affinity Group is grateful to be given the rare opportunity to attend this event, which had also presented a chance to interact with industry leaders and exchange ideas on technological advances with experts of the field.

Volunteers are listening to the talk given by industry leaders

The two-day event began in the morning of 4th October 2017 and ended on the next day at 3.30pm in the afternoon. Held in Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC), talks were conducted by experts throughout the event and exhibitions were set up to showcase the latest technology and creations of each company. The event not only aimed to expose the attendees to the industry’s demands, but also allowed them to be updated with latest news on tech available in the market, as updated knowledge on science and technology is vital to every undergraduate who aspire to be a successful engineer once they graduate.

An industrial visit to Intel Penang was organised on the last day, and the volunteers were privileged as Intel Corporation is one of the leading companies in the semiconductor industry. This visit exposed the attendees to the procedures and production processes in the industry, and this will prepare them better once they graduate and start working.

The talk is held inside the hall whereas the exhibition is at outside the hall

All industrial companies have certain demands and requirements when it comes to hiring fresh graduates to fill in vacancies, and these were revealed during the sharing session with the industrial leaders. With this information, the attendees know the aspects they must strengthen and improve to become a strong candidate that meets most, if not all, of the companies’ demands.

Some companies had expressed their willingness to collaborate with IEEE USM Student Branch for future projects. This is a boon to us as interacting directly with the industrial companies allow fresh graduates and students alike to know what is needed to be chosen to work in the company they want. Besides, undergraduates who are still pursuing a degree will get to witness the working procedures and specialties of different companies. There’s a chance that the industry leaders may successfully instil strong engineering leadership within the undergraduates before they even graduate, and this not only benefits the students but also the nation in a bigger picture.

Overall, this event was a success albeit a minor setback met during registration. We look forward to more events and projects organised from the collaboration of IEEE and industry leaders.

Volunteers from Women in Engineering (WIE)