The IEEE Photo Editing Workshop

Photo editing is so prevalent nowadays. More and more people especially young adults would give a touch to their photos before posting it on social media. A little bit on the face, a little bit on the food, a little bit here and there, and professional quality image that usually only reserved for magazines cover in the past appears. USM IEEE Student Branch Multimedia Department organized Photo Editing Workshop with the mission of familiarizing participants with photo editing skills in Adobe Photoshop.

On a Wednesday afternoon of 12 Nov 2017, Microprocessor Lab of EE School is the place where Photo Editing was held.  The atmosphere was electric with 33 participants and 16 tutors buzzing around the venue, following the steps of photo retouch with main tutor, Lim Chia Ying demonstrating on the big screen live. She will be tutoring on how to make a blurry image clear, how to loss weight and skin retouching technique using Adobe Photoshop.

Helpers never hesitate to provide assistance. They are extremely helpful and available most of the time throughout the workshop by walking around giving guidance to participants. If you get stuck on any steps or technical issue on Photoshop, a raise of hands is all you need and helpers are on the way in no time. The presence of helpers eases the learning process of participants.

Feeling hungry after a day of learning? We got it covered. A small snack pack of mineral water and Massimo bread is given to each participant before the workshop ends to recharge a little bit before went back. Photo Editing Workshop ended with a group photo with smiling faces of participants, committees and helpers.

In overall, the event was a success. Participant were contented and they do really learn something from this workshop. Although there’s a small hiccup where the air conditioner of EE school 3rd floor malfunctioned temporary and had to bear with heat, everyone in the lab is giving their full cooperation. A big shout out to the organizing committees and a big thank you hug to all participants who give support to us. See you next year ~