Collaboration with Cofec USM in Opening Ceremony of Cofec Concert

On 5 November 2017, Chinese Orchestra Concert with theme, ‘The Maze’ has been organized by Chinese Orchestra for Engineering Campus (Cofec) in main hall of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). During the event, IEEE USM Student Branch has conducted collaboration with Cofec in implementing the opening ceremony.

In order to make the opening ceremony a success, a project has been developed by committee members of IEEE USM Student Branch R&D Department, Multimedia Department and Cofec Stage Department. It was a lighting project which displayed a butterfly pattern when it was activated and lighted up as shown below. The project consisted of a stand and a board as supporting structures, a LED strip as lighting device, a switch and an Arduino as microcontroller. The LED strip was fixed on the board by arranging it in a shape of butterfly. When the switch was actuated, Arduino would receive the signal and activate the LED strip. Arduino was coded in such a way that different lighting effects could be displayed by the LED strip.

During the concert, Concert Director, President of Cofec, Student Board (MPP) Representative and Directory Department Representative have been getting involved in the opening ceremony. Each of them had to paste one Chinese word on the board of the project. There was a total of four words pasted on the four corners of the board. When the last word was pasted, the switch was pressed and the LED strip was activated. A sequence of lighting effect was displayed to entertain the spectators. This signified that the opening ceremony had been carried out successfully.

The opening ceremony of Chinese Orchestra Concert was a success. It improved the publicity of IEEE USM Student Branch among USM community and created more opportunities for collaboration with other associations.