IEEE USM Student Branch won Silver in Darrel Chong Student Activity Award. The purpose of this recognition system serves to change the mindset of our student groups, from being number-driven, to becoming value-driven and to acknowledge exemplary student activities around the world. The goal is to improve the quality of activities, and to foster knowledge sharing among students. Ultimately, the initiative is targeted at improving student-membership growth. This will encourage and motivate students to continue to innovate and implement meaningful ideas.

We have been awarded for the success in one of our flagship events, namely Techmentor. Techmentor is an initiative based on volunteer teaching, where facilitators called Techmentors will be trained beforehand to impart them with the necessary knowledge to guide participating secondary school students. Several Techmentors will be responsible for facilitating the participating teams in terms of teaching and technical support, and to prepare the team for a competition which will be held toward the end of the project.