Control System Workshop III

During this event, there are 5 keynote speakers from different industrial companies invited for Control System Workshop III such as Dr. Kabatnik Lars (Managing Director who is from German) and Mr. Derek Leong Chi Hoe (Senior Manager) from Bosch Power Tools Engineering sdn. Bhd, Mr Noor Hafizi Hanafi (Senior R&D Engineer) from Continental Automotive Components Malaysia Sdn. Bhd, Dr. Alireza Nazem (Chief Technology Officer) from FLTZ Logic Sdn. Bhd and Ms. Vikki Cheah Ee Ming ( Internal Sales Engineer) from National Instruments Company. The speakers introduced about the application of control system in the latest technology. The overall flow of the event was run smoothly according to the event schedule attached. With all the cooperation of the speakers and the participants, the event was successfully held.

For more information about companies, please click on the link :

1) Bosch Power Tools Engineering Sdn. Bhd

2) Continental Automotive Components Malaysia Sdn. Bhd

3) FLTZ Logic Sdn. Bhd

4) National Instruments