This article was written to express our utmost gratitude to all the people that made our study trip special. We would like to thank the staffs at IEEE R10 Office at Singapore especially Miss Ewell Tan, Miss Fanny and Mr Hazman Aziz for your warm welcome and useful advices and suggestions on how to utilise the accessible IEEE resources to the fullest. Also, we would like to thank all the staffs involved in the GlobalFoundries especially to Miss Kelly for making the visit possible; Mr Hao for your time in introducing GlobalFoundries to us; the engineers at GlobalFoundries who showed us the awed Failure Analysis Lab in GlobalFoundries and Miss May Chen for sharing your precious working experience at GlobalFoundries to us. Last but not least, we would like to thank all the IEEE NTU Student Branch committees involved especially the president, Mr Sahil and team for bringing us for a round-trip at your campus and of course for our agreed Memorandum of Understanding officially took effect on the day of visit, 30th January 2016.

Thursday, 28th January, 2016

After so long since we plan the trip, on the 28th of January 2016 we finally reach Singapore. After reaching the Changi Airport, although we got confused on where to buy the Singapore Tourist pass and was kind of playing marry-go-round for quite a while, yet we managed to buy it somehow. Then, our next stop was the Hotel Selegie 81. It was just fit enough for necessary facilities with satisfactory room keeping service. After settling down the baggage, at about 8.30pm, we finally were free for our dinner. We walked around Little India and went to the hawker centre on the opposite road where there were a variety of food choices including Chinese and Indian food. After dinner, we went to search for mobile data plan and that made the end of the day.

Friday, 29th January, 2016

In the morning, we went to have breakfast at Little India after everyone was ready and head straight to IEEE R10 Office. Luckily the MRT was quite on time that we made it on time to reach the office. We were happy to receive very warm welcome from the Project Manager of IEEE Asia-Pacific Limited/ Communications Society Office Miss Ewell Tan, her boss Miss Fanny and Mr Hazman Aziz. IEEE R10 Staffs were so nice and caring that they even prepared Starbucks Muffin for us in case we hadn’t had our breakfast. Miss Ewell thoughtfully explained to us the available benefits of being an official IEEE Student member while Mr Hazman taught us on how to make good use of the IEEE Xplore Digital Library which can often be useful for scholarly research database of term papers, research papers and final year projects. During this session with R10 officers, we learnt a lot about what a student member can actually access in the IEEE Official website such as the IEEE Student Resources and activities. We were introduced about new things such as IEEE Eta-Kappa Nu and IEEE Collabratec; and discovered some awards and grants that we might have missed out. Besides, Miss Ewell even allowed us to email her whenever we have any enquiries on student activities and we were told that whenever there is a need for a lesson or workshop on IEEE Xplore, we can always contact Mr Hazman. We had a group photo together and that marks the end of our visit at IEEE R10 Office.

After our first stop at IEEE R10 Office, we headed to GlobalFoundries just after our lunch. Miss Kelly welcomed us and led us to the meeting room where we were briefed on the general fabrication procedures and introduction about GlobalFoundries. Mr Hao gave us a brief talk that provide us with some insights on what is it like after joining GlobalFoundries. We were exposed on the general product fabrication, working environment and the career prospects in joining GlobalFoundries through a short video clip and presentation by Mr Hao. On top of that, we get to visit the Failure Analysis Lab of GlobalFoundries where the Failure Analysis Engineers carry out their analysis. We were introduced to all sorts of Materials Characterisation Equipment such as the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) operating on Focused Ion Beams (FIB), Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM), Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) and Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy (SIMS); not only that we get to see the scanning probe for the microscopes too. Generally, the Failure Analysis Engineers checked on the electrical analysis to identify the failure part through short circuit method before proceeding to the materials analysis. After the lab visit, our USM senior May Chen even met us for the sharing of her working experience. We were grateful for the sharing session that the chit-chat session between senior and juniors gave us a precious chance of getting to know more about how is it to work in GlobalFoundries and the life In Singapore. Last but not least, a group photo with everyone marks the end of our visit at GlobalFoundries.

After a day of visit, we went back to the hotel for a short rest and continue for dinner hunting at the streets nearby. We spent our night time at Marina Bay Sands, strolling at the mall, having fun times taking photos of the night scenery.

Author: Khor Yong Ling, Secretary 2016, IEEE USM Student Branch