International Electronics Manufacturing Technology (IEMT) is an event organized IEEE CPMT Malaysia biannually. This event was started at Petaling Jaya, Malaysia for the very first time at November of 2006. This event was co-organized with numerous number of company such as Altera, Crest, Lumileds, Intel, Infineon, ON Semiconductor, and also co-organized with USM IEEE Student Branch.

The IEMT conference is the premier IEEE event and it’s the 18th IEMT conference being organized by the IEEE CPMT MALAYSIA this year. For this year, IEMT conference was a joint conference with Electronic Material & Packaging (EMAP) conference. This event was held at G-HOTEL, PENANG, MALAYSIA on 20th to 22nd September 2016. The EMAP conference was organized since 2004 and this was the 3rd conference being organized by Malaysia.

During the event, the venue was flooded with participants. In total, there are 8 leading speakers (keynote speaker) from industry were invited to share the latest industry market/product trend and opportunities. The industry leading speakers that were invited are from various country which including of France, German, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, and USA.

During the event, there are total 16 invited speakers for the research paper had delivered their interesting yet awesome presentation about their paper. The scopes of research papers are related to about 10 field such as Material & Processing, IC testing technology, surface mount technology, Emerging Packaging & Interconnection Technologies and others.

IEMT-EMAP 2016 had featured some short courses such as “Trends in Material Development – upcoming requirements concerning reliability” by speaker from Infineon Technologies, Germany and other courses. It has 4 parallel technical sessions, and table top exhibition. Short course and technical session were conducted to provide participants a good technology development in all area of electronic packaging, from design to manufacturing and operation.

During this conference, some of the committee members from USM IEEE SB had exhibited their projects to the public. The main showcase from USM IEEE SB was infinite mirror and Scorpion robot using “RERO” (RERO is a product of Cytron Technologies Sdn. Bhd.). The working principle of infinite mirror is using the law of reflection of mirror to make a single LED strip looks multiple and the controller is Arduino. RERO is also known as Reconfigurable Robot. RERO uses a mechanism namely “slide & lock” to simplify the task of building a robot.

The event was a success and all the exhibitors from USM IEEE SB had a great opportunity to socialize and have some networking with the company outside of campus which is perfectly matching USM IEEE SB’s vision “Connecting Opportunities”. The exhibitors from USM IEEE SB also had a great chance to learn some new knowledge from the speech delivered from various international companies.