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In a blink of an eye, my first-year life is going to end soon. Whether I like or not, I need to bid farewell and move on.  It is literally a hustle and bustle year. However, I do enjoy all the moments I have spent in IEEE in spite of its challenges. It has greatly pushed me to the limits and shaped me to become who I am now, a better me. At times, I do complaint but deep down inside I know it very well that I wouldn’t have improved so much without joining this club.

IEEE has changed my life perspective tremendously such as having a more responsible attitude towards the things we do and never take things for granted. Also, thanks to all the cute Team X members who are always there to count on.


Frankly, I have gained so much from USM IEEE Student Branch especially from Team X department via a series of events especially the ‘IEEE Tri- Weekly Committee Workshop’. It is one of the events held by us every three weeks with the aim of exchanging knowledge among the departments. It makes sure all the attendees are able to learn something new which are not covered in their department besides letting them to expose new things. The committee workshop starts with simple sessions such as ‘Awards & Recognitions’ and ‘Upcoming Events’. The former makes the committees aware of what awards did USM IEEE Student Branch received and it is a session where we present the certificates of appreciation to the committees who successfully organised an event for the club. As for the ‘Upcoming Events’ session, we will let the committees aware of the upcoming events organised by different departments in the club. This session might as well recruit some members from other departments as helpers in an event to maximise the exchange of knowledge among the departments.

This workshop continues by ‘Skill Development Session’ which is the main point of the workshop. Basically, it will be in charged by a department with the purpose of sharing the knowledge gained from that department. For example, Multimedia department will be sending one or two representatives and few tutors to teach other committee members Photoshop, VLC Player and etc.


At times, we will insert some sharing sessions whereby one or two committee members are going to share their experience after attending a program or camp outside the campus. When the committee workshop gets boring, attractive games will be prepared to kill the boredom besides building a stronger bonding among members.

The ‘IEEE Tri- Weekly Committee Workshop’ did benefit all of the Team X members. For me, I have overcome stage fright. I was given many chances to be the emcee since I have never thought of speaking in front of the crowd. I still remember vividly that I was a boy who was freaking afraid of public speaking. I used to tell myself that one day I will overcome it and I need to push myself more. The quest to improve my soft skills filled me and that’s why I ended up in team X since it provides us a very good platform to learn and shine.



They are all my fellow team mates. I can recall how worried we were at our first workshop. Despite all the nervousness and insecurity, we tried the best to mark a marvellous one for every workshop we held. I am grateful to see how much we all have grown today. I appreciate Chan Ze Yu, the current Head of Department of Team X and Ng Ping Jian, the current Vice Chair 2 as our mentors throughout the journey. They always pointed out our mistakes and taught us how brainstorm a solution instead of just spoon feeding us. With this opportunity, I would like to give them the credit on behalf of all the Team X members for their professional guidance.

To be honest, workshops held every three-week is sometimes annoying, but after going through these workshops I must confess that it really has taught us a lot.



Gosh ! Look at the crowd we had. After being a team X member for one year, I have come to realise the importance of having a cooperation among all the departments to prevent any misunderstanding or miscommunication.

Honestly, the IEEE Tri-Weekly Committee Workshop wouldn’t have been so successful without the strong bonding among the committee members (Kudos to Team X for being so passionate in everything you all did!). If time could wind back to the day where I have to make a decision on whether or not to join Team X. It will be a direct, absolute YES from me!


Looking back then and now, I have found myself grown more professionally throughout my first-year journey in USM IEEE Student Branch Team X department. Even it means the end of my honeymoon year in fact it signifies the beginning of my mature life, a new me!


Edited by WeiHan Cheng


7About the author

Chi Tan is one of the members of Team X in IEEE USM student branch for term 2016/17. Chi is just an ordinary guy who is hungry to learn and try out new things. He must be someone who you would like to say Hi ! So , what are you waiting for?