IEEE EPiCS Program 2015

On the 8th and 9th of November IEEE Engineering Program in Community Services was held in Kemaman, Terengganu. The main objective is to raise electrical awareness among flood victim, parallel with the upcoming monsoon season in that area. The team facilitating the event consists of a few student volunteers as well as the staffs and lecturers from Universiti Sains Malaysia Engineering Campus, specifically from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering with cooperation from the MERCY representative.

DSC_0009      DSC_0004
eam from Universiti Sains Malaysia Engineering Campus before departing.

For the two days duration of the event, two schools and communities were chosen as the event locations which were SMK Ayer Puteh and Kampung Air Putih (Dewan Sivik Kg. Air Puteh) for the first day with SMK Bukit Mentok and Mukim Banggol (Dewan Kompleks Rakan Muda Mak Lagam) for the second day.

First Day

DSC_0177         DSC_0037
ampung Air Putih                                                                  SMK Ayer Puteh

Second Day

DSC_0391    DSC_0483
SMK Bukit Mentok                                                                Dewan kompleks Rakan Muda Mak Lagam

The participants were taught on electrical safety and precautions, basic first aid steps for electric shock victim, and basic details of electrical switchbox components as well as on how to ready an emergency standby bag and contact preparation. The participants were also given the opportunity to practice what they had learnt on a practice electrical board, equipped with an operational intake switchbox, light bulbs, voltage outlet and small voltage switches, simulating a normal household electrical circuit.

Before the events, the facilitating volunteers were given a deep briefing and training in the School of Electric and Electronic Engineering by one of the lecturer, En. Nadzri Mamat and the MERCY representative to further develop the understanding of the volunteers on the materials.

The event ended with a great success with good turnout rate and sound cooperation from the participants, both from the students and the community folks. We hoped that the event manage to help the flood victim understanding how electricity worked and what to do before and after the flood.