PAST HEAD OF R & D DEPARTMENT TAN KAH HOOI WINS R10 EA Outstanding Volunteer Award 2016


Congratulation to Tan Kah Hooi (ex- Head Of R & D Department) received R10 EA Outstanding Volunteer Award-2016. He is the main person in charge and volunteer for Techmentor Malaysia which is an event where the volunteers guide secondary school students on learning Arduino and leading them to the final competition which is Young Innovate Malaysia Competition 2014. He teaches the students about the knowledge in programming, electronic circuit, project management and also time management. He believes that through this program, the students will have an early exposure to programming and electronic circuit which will further benefit their future education and foster their interest towards science and engineering field. He manages to guide the other volunteers to make sure that they fully understand the project before the teaching process. His passion had influenced and inspired his teammates and the students to think creatively and innovatively to make their projects more developed. Under his leadership, IEEE SB succeeded in winning the 1st Runner Up of the competition.


Activity Role

Since December 2013 ,

 5th and 16th November 2014

Techmentor (arduino) and Young Innovate Malaysia Competition 2014


17th  October 2015

Penang Science Cluster Volunteering Coordinator

5th  December 2015

Project Exhibition At Wisma Yeap Chor Ee



February 2016 till July 2016 Stem Outreach



As the main person in charge of Stem Outreach, Tan Kah Hooi and his team visited secondary schools or primary schools to introduce fun and interesting science projects to them. This program was successfully launched to ignite the interest of students towards science and technology at the same time creates the awareness of the importance of early exposure to programming and electronic circuit among students and school teachers. The similar programs are conducted in other states which are assisted by nearby local schools. Next, Tan Kah Hooi is active in creating R&D projects and showcasing them at various exhibitions. For instance, the exhibition at Penang Science Cluster Openeng, Wisma Openang and Penang International Science Fair. He believes the showcase will let the audience who attend the event be more interest in science and technology and all the projects will definitely provide other Makers even more idea in their own project.



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