Star Wars AT-AT Robot Featured in Opening Ceremony of Career Fair USM KKJ

On 15th and 16th March 2017, Career Fair has been organized in main hall of USM Engineering Campus. During this event, USM IEEE Student Branch has collaborated with Career Fair committee in the implementation of opening ceremony of Career Fair. The involvement of Cytron Technologies Sdn Bhd in the collaboration was also a key factor to the success of the opening ceremony of Career Fair. The company has contributed by providing reconfigurable robot (RERO), which was used in the making of projects for opening ceremony.

Two projects have been developed by committee members of USM IEEE Student Branch R&D department to entertain the VIPs and crowds during opening ceremony. They are the AT-AT robot and the interactive LED track. The interactive LED track consisted of two long columns of LED strip connected to a micro-controller, Arduino. The Arduino was also connected to a touch board which utilized capacitive sensor and acted as input. Speaker was connected to the system to produce matching sound effects when the interactive LED track is activated.

The AT-AT robot stole the limelight during the opening ceremony. It was designed based on the four-legged walker from the Star Wars movies. The robot consisted of body made of PVC pipes as the support system and polystyrene as casing. The most attractive feature was its legs which were built using RERO modules. Equipped with 34 RERO servo motors, the robot was capable of performing walking motions like a four-legged animal. The battery used was 5200 mAh 12V lithium ion battery which if enough to power the robot for as long as 1 hour! The robot is controlled wirelessly by connecting a smart phone to RERO controller through Bluetooth technology.

During the much-anticipated opening ceremony, USM Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Mohammad officiated the 2-day event by placing his hand on the touch board, thereby firing up the interactive LED track as if transferring power and energy to the AT-AT, which promptly became alive! After the impressive lightshow, the robot immediately set out to work, ushering the Deputy Vice Chancellor around the hall while he presented souvenirs to company representatives from all around the country.

Career Fair opening ceremony was deemed a success. Fortunately, there were no catastrophic mistakes that occurred during the opening ceremony! No doubt it was an unforgettable event that left those who witnessed it wanting for more.