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Let’s Start Up!

The mentor of IEEE USM Student Branch, Simon Yeoh Boon Hong has always been encourage more university students to become a part of Start Up. The reasons behind it were overwhelming. Doing start up is not a must but learning while doing is a 100% necessary. The most ideal way to success is to keep learning by experiencing things ourselves.’ Start up is the best platform for every university students to learn and to improve themselves. Be reminded that every problems that you think you had encountered are the blessing in disguise, those problems could have turn into opportunities that you could never imagine! ‘ He said. The journey of start up is tough, but it will definitely shaped you a better one. University students in the recent years still do not have the confidence or right capability to enter the job market and they eventually become unemployed. We are doing this Entrepreneurship Initiative in order to encourage more and more students to get out of their comfort zones.

There are main 4work skills that a startup will normally nurture within. The first is mastering communications in English, The second one is problem solving skills, and creative and analytical thinking. These skills enable students to think out of the box. This is an effort to stop the ” strawberry generation” that is easily bruised. This is the effort by Simon Yeoh and IEEE USM Student Branch in order to see more ideas to be heard, to be realised and to be marketed. ‘A winner never quit, a quitter never wins’

Simon Yeoh Boon Hong

Simon Yeoh Hong Boon

Why Start Up?


Connect with people whom are visionary and passionate. Whom are able to change you into a better person.

Get ready to meet the rich and diverse talents here! A great platform for you to step out of your own comfort zone.


Discover yourself in the journey of entrepreneurship! It is never too late!

This is a journey to discover yourself, your real passion, your direction and your ultimate goal.


Take every opportunity that makes you grow. Experience is the best teacher in life.

Keep learning throughout the journey of becoming an entrepreneur. Whether in soft skills or technical skills aspects.


You will have enough courage to start your business and making your idea a reality!

It is always say that ‘the Start Counts’. A willingness to step forward lays the groundwork for future opportunities.


App Challenge@USM

App Challenge @ USM 2017

App Challenge @ USM 2017 brings Malaysia’s Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI) initiative, the MOSTI Social Innovation (MSI), to the beautiful state and island of Penang! The initiative is aimed at encouraging local university students to explore the world of technology, innovation & creativity through working with like-minded youths in a fun and competitive environment. So, what’s up with this App Challenge thingamajig?…(Read more)

Community Leadeship Academy

Community Leadership Academy was held by techstars in collaboration with Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) to gather, inspire more people in the community  to be the leaders of our future, and at the same time empowering them to become professional start up weekends organisers to which they think is meaningful. 3 of the IEEE USM Student Branch’s committees had joined throughout the 3 days event and were received a lot of guidance and mentoring from the techstars team…Read More

Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters' Sharing Workshop

Coffeepreneur by Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters

Interested to start a coffee shop or learning more on FnB startups? IEEE USM Student Branch had started an entrepreneurship engagement with Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters in order to encourage more university students to become a part of startup. Join us into venturing the details on basic coffee skills and start-up tips. In this event, you can take your first step into venturing your dream coffee business. If you want to know how to start a coffee shop, you’re in the right place. Anywhere you go, the coffee culture will always be surrounding you. Surely you will find people who loves great coffee to start off their day with…..Read More